Leadership Development

Growth and development depend on quality of management

As a consequence of the many and diverse management challenges of the time, Kjerulf & Partners have developed a whole new concept, "PIL - Personal, Individual Leadership Development".


Read about our new PIL program, where you are at the center of a series of personal one-on-one sessions with your own occupational psychologist. Content and number of sessions are 100% customized to your current needs and experience as a leader - whether you are a newly appointed manager or experienced top manager.

Organizational development

How well do you know your organization?


Corporate X-Ray is a strategic management tool to uncover the unknown resources and relationships of organizations for future-proofing the business.

With Corporate X-Ray from Kjerulf & Partners, top management is given a strategic management tool that provides a graphical overview of the real distribution of influence in the organization, the reach of managers, how creativity, knowledge, energy and drive are distributed, important key people, their mindset and much more.

Executive Search & Selection

Success depends on the right team


Finding the best candidates and hiring the right team is crucial to the success of any business, organization, board of directors and managers.

Kjerulf & Partner's consultants have participated in the recruitment process for some of the most complex positions in the private business as well as in the public sector. We therefore guarantee a careful and effective process when hiring directors, managers, managers or specialists.

Occupational Psychological Tests

Know your employees' professional and personal skills

In collaboration with researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Kjerulf & Partners A / S has developed a series of cutting-edge business psychological personality test, analysis and profile tools. Let us give you a deep insight into your organization's current status, areas of development and potential at all levels.

The opening balance

With the right outlet you will find a solution

Many organizational problems are being solved without knowing the actual challenges. If you do not have an overall picture of the myriad organizational mechanisms that really pose the problem, you cannot spot your loose


At Kjerulf & Partners we use our own business psychological tests and analysis tools to establish a real understanding of the individual organization's starting point. We believe that the first step in any change is a deep insight into the current situation of the organization. We call it the "Opening Balance".


Get knowledge and tools

Get relevant information on the latest tools and analysis - and gain insight into trends and trends in management and organizational development.