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At Kjerulf Executive Search, we believe that management and employees are not only a company's most important resource – management and the employees ARE the company!

That is why we see the task of recruiting the right team as crucial to the success of any company, any board and any leader. We therefore take pride in assisting our customers with this work.

A professional recruitment process

In our experience, the key to finding the best candidates does not lie in the speed of the process or a rapidly-generated candidate field. Rather, it is a thorough, systematic recruitment process, one that focuses on carefully selecting high-quality candidates, that yields the best results for our customers.

Our recruitment process is characterised precisely by its diligence, as well as by the professional and orderly approach we take to all candidates.

We are also keenly aware of the fact that, during the search and selection process and in our interactions with the candidates, we represent our customers, and we strive to do so in the best possible way.

Who we work with

At Kjerulf Executive Search, we assist our customers on the following organisational levels:

  • Board level
  • General Management (Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer)
  • Functional Directors (CXO) and Functional Managers
  • Key Specialists

People are a company’s single most important resource.


The sectors we work in

At Kjerulf Executive Search, we assist customers within the following industry sectors:

  • Board Services
  • Business & Professional Services
  • Consumer Products & Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Government, Education & Non-Profit
  • Industrial & Natural Resources
  • Technology, Communications & Media


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