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You can’t find the right solution - without the right starting point

People often try to solve organisational problems without first understanding the actual challenges involved. Without having a total picture of the countless mechanisms impacting the problem, it’s impossible to have a solution that actually works.

At Kjerulf & Partners, we have years of experience combining our psychological competences with our proprietary business psychology tests and analysis tools, e.g. in connection with leadership and organisational development, as well as recruiting, providing a second opinion in recruitment processes, Executive Search & Selection and more. This combination helps us establish a real understanding of an organisation’s current situation and needs.

Executive Search & Selection

Success depends on the right team

Finding the best candidates and assembling the right team are crucial for every company, organisation, board and manager’s success.

Kjerulf & Partners’ consultants have participated in the hiring process for some of the most complex positions in the private and public sectors. We can therefore ensure a thorough and effective process when hiring a director, manager or specialist.

Business Psychology Tests

Know your employees’ professional and personal competences

Working together with researchers from the University of Copenhagen UCPH, Kjerulf & Partners A/S have developed a series of ground-breaking business psychology personality-, analysis- and profiling tools. With our services, you gain insight into your organisation’s current status, development areas and potential across all organisational levels.