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At Kjerulf & Partners, we work at the intersection of business development and business psychology, where we unite business understanding with our core competence of business psychology – from the personal to the organisational level.

Our focus is about creating a balance between an organisation’s business-related requirements and the individual employee’s need for personal and professional development, so a meaningful connection arises between an organisation’s goals and the employee’s desires.

We help companies and organisations within the following main areas:

  • Leadership development
  • Organisational development
  • Executive Search & Selection
  • Business psychology tests
  • Psychological Test Centre – assessment of candidates and employees

At Kjerulf & Partners, we support the interaction between employees and the company throughout the entire employment lifecycle that ranges from onboarding, developing and retaining to resignation and offboarding.

Organisational and leadership development

A company’s growth and development depend on the quality of its leadership. Even the most well-functioning organisation will fall short in the long run, if its leaders don’t have the right competences or have stalled in their development. At Kjerulf & Partners, we offer individual development and training plans for managers at all levels.

Often, people attempt to solve organisational problems without really knowing the actual challenges involved. We help companies and organisations get the complete picture and turn these insights into a strong foundation for solving the actual problem.

We unite business understanding with business psychological core competences.

Executive Search & Selection

Putting together the right team is critical to the success of every company and organisation. Since the consultants at Kjerulf & Partners have participated in the hiring process for some of the most complex positions in the private, as well as public sector, we have proven that we possess the competences necessary to find the best candidate for your company or organisation.

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Business Psychology tests and consultancy

Kjerulf & Partners are a full-service provider within business psychology tests, personality profiles and analysis tools. In addition to developing our own proprietary tests, we also sell and market a number of analysis tools from the world’s leading test development centres, including behavioural tests, 360° test for leadership development, IQ tests and more.

Finally, we offer independent, profession-based psychological consultancy in connection with testing final-round candidates, and developing employees, managers, specialists and other key employees.

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