About us

The team behind Kjerulf & Partners

The team behind Kjerulf & Partners consist of a number of professional business psychologists and consultants with a shared ambition: To be the best solution on the Danish market.


Our focus is business psychology, where we work with the individual as well as the team, the board, top management and managers; we work with these roles in the organisational context with a deep understanding of the challenges each company / organisation has to deal with.

All of our consultants have solid business and management backgrounds with many years of experience in creating results for both private and public companies.


Our founders

Kjerulf & Partners was founded by a number of experienced consultants, who all wanted to establish a consultancy based on friendship, professional respect and pride.

The consultants have solid psychological and business background and many years of experience.

Kjerulf & Partners professional consultants have one common ambition: to be the preferred choice in the Danish market for both public organisations and private companies that need to develop their organisations and people, strategy and business.


Comprehensive authorship of management literature


Our experienced consultants have written books on leadership, drive, coaching, stress management, talent development, cultivating potential, etc.

Stig Kjerulf
MSc in Psychology

Phone: 3313 1344
Email: stk@kpas.dk

Kristjan Jul Houmann
MSc in Psychology

Phone: 2888 2505
Email: kjh@kpas.dk

Bjørn Meier
Senior consultant 

Phone: 2888 2506
Email: bjm@kpas.dk

Silje Marie Jul Houmann
Test coordinator & Receptionist

Phone: 3313 1344
Mail: rcp@kpas.dk