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It’s important to find the right employees and develop them along the way. Kjerulf & Partners’ well-documented personality profiling systems increase accurate decision-making measurably and decidedly. 

Your employees are your company’s future. Thus, it’s all about finding the right people and developing them along the way. That’s of course easier said than done, and even a perceptive person can need to use well-documented tools that shed light on an employee's potential . 

Responsible and ethical

Using precise, well-documented personality tests, profiling systems and analyses isn’t enough. It’s also of paramount importance that these tests be administered in a responsible, ethical manner. That’s why we train our test administrators to deliver test feedback in a way that results in a safe and positive experience for the test participant.


Based on these values, Kjerulf & Partners, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Copenhagen UCPH, have developed a series of business psychology tests and personality profiling tools, that make it possible for you to be on target when you have to recruit for or develop within your organisation.

The world’s leading test developers

In addition to our proprietary personality tests, Kjerulf & Partners offer a number of test and profiling tools from some of the world’s leading test development centres. This enables us to cover almost every need – from a personality test covering behaviour to 360° analyses and IQ tests.

Here is an overview of the different types of personality tests and profiling tools we develop and offer:

Kjerulf & Partners' well-documented personal profiling systems are developed in cooperation with researchers from the University of Copenhagen UCPH.

Personality test

Accredited  personality tests are essential for every HR department or consultancy firm that deals with people recruitment or development. Kjerulf & Partners offer three different types of personality tests.


Leadership analysis

The rate at which employees develop depends on the insight they have into their own behaviour. This insight is particularly important, when an employee manages others. We offer tools for measuring leadership effectiveness, personal drive, motivation or existential values, etc.

The rate at which employees develop depends on the insight they have into their own behaviour.

Team Analysis

By using Kjerulf & Partners’ team analysis tools, you can clarify and understand if, and how, employees can succeed in the teams they work in, based on the members’ preferred roles in a group setting.

360° Analysis

Kjerulf & Partners’ 360° Analysis gives diagnostic feedback from observers on a manager’s way of working and indicates how you can strengthen, modify or augment the focus person’s leadership style.

IQ Test

The combination of a personality test and an IQ test has proved to give the most precise answer regarding a candidate’s ability to perform, solve complex problems and quickly take in new information.

Certification in KP Test Systems

You can also become a certified user of Kjerulf & Partners’ well-documented systems and use these in your recruiting or development tasks. Certification and instruction are handled by our experienced test psychologists.

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