Organisational development

Businesses today are under constant pressure. Organisational development therefore involves a conscious , planned and targeted effort, which involves openness towards developing and implementing change - often quickly.

Does your organisation or company have what it takes to drive your future strategy? Does the leadership team make the right team to execute the strategy? Do your employees thrive? Is your business so interesting that it attracts talents and abilities you retain when hired?

It takes a great deal of self-insight if a company management is to answer the above questions, and, honestly, only a few can.

Kjerulf & Partners has developed a number of market-leading analysis tools that help to find the answers. In this way, we help companies and organisations plan and stage processes that create workable solutions and bring about radical change.

Corporate X-Ray - a strategic management tool

With the traditional organisational chart, the company's top management has set the framework for the formal distribution of power, who the real decision makers are and where they are located. However, the world of reality often presents a completely different picture than management imagines.

With the management tool Corporate X-Ray in hand, our consultants present a graphical overview of the real distribution of influence in the organisation, how characteristics such as Creativity, Knowledge, Energy and Power are distributed in the company, how the collaboration between departments are, who the most important employees really are and much more.

Change management

Change must be carried out by people, and people only move when they are active co-creators in the process. The right strategy and the right plan is therefore important.

Kjerulf & Partners helps your company mobilise the entire business in major change processe

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Our market-leading analysis tools help create usable solutions and bring about radical change.

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