Assessment and evaluation of candidates


Hiring the wrong person is often costly. In fact, when all the parameters are included, calculations show that the total cost of hiring the wrong candidate for a managerial position can be anywhere from EUR 90,000 to 130,000.

That is why finding the right candidates, be they leaders or key employees, is a critical success parameter in today’s job market, a fact which places great demands on a company’s recruitment and selection process.

Assessing and evaluating top candidates

Kjerulf Executive Search assists companies in their recruitment process by providing a broad range of recruitment and development packages aimed at the employee and leadership levels.

We support this process with well-documented personality and cognitive assessment tools, along with pre-defined job requirements, profiles, etc.

Our assistance can provide a “second opinion” on final-round candidates, testing and final evaluation of candidates and consultancy in the form of team evaluations, organisational analysis or assessment centres.

The cost of hiring the wrong candidate can be as much as EUR 130,000.

Professional candidate assessment

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