Personal Individual Leadership Development (PILD)

Leadership development

Stay sharp as a leader through an individual and personalised leadership development process. Personal Individual Leadership Development (PILD) is an intensive one-on-one development and learning process.

The programme is facilitated by Kjerulf & Partners' experienced business psychologists and tailored specifically for you.


As a manager in a business or an organisation, you need to be able to understand and deal with the massive changes that your industry is facing or will face.

In order to create change and meet challenges, you may have a specific need for sparring and leadership development.

No two leaders' circumstances are alike. Each leader faces different challenges and dilemmas, which is the basic idea behind the development of the PILD-programme.

Management development for senior managers and specialists

In light of the many and varied challenges that characterise a managerial job today, Kjerulf & Partners have designed the development and learning programme ”Personal, Individual Leadership Development”. PILD is intended for people working in top management, middle management or as specialists.

Perhaps your need for leadership development and coaching may stem from personal motivations, or it may be directly related to your current leadership role - or both. Whatever dilemmas or challenges you may experience in relation to your leadership work, we take these into account when designing your personal and individual leadership development programme. 

Personal leadership coaching

The PILD programme is a personalised leadership coaching and mentoring process, where you are also introduced to the latest knowledge within management theories, the manager's working conditions, dilemmas and opportunities to develop and refine your skills.

The programme is intensive, effective, targeted to your needs and with you at the focal point. One or more relevant business psychology tests and personality profiles are used to give you a definitive assessment of your leadership. What tests and profiles are used will be discussed with you during the initial interview.

The framework for the PILD programme

The PILD programme is conducted at Kjerulf & Partners. Depending on your leadership experience, the course extends over:

  • 6-10 personal one-on-one counseling and learning sessions.
  • 1-1½ hour per session.
  • Period of 3 to 5 months with approx. 14 days in between each session.

Along the way, the programme is customised and adjusted to precisely match your current needs, management level and leadership experience.

A personal, managerial competence development with content based on the latest knowledge and research.

How personal leadership development benefits you

You become more aware of your potential, the challenges you face, as well as the professional demands of your role as the one who creates value for the employees in your department and organisation.

The programme broadens your understanding of the manager’s or specialist’s terms working conditions and opportunities by using the latest tools within leadership development, including mapping your leadership identity, understanding the leadership dimension, your strengths, weaknesses, areas of development and much more.


The business psychologists behind the programme

The sessions are conducted by Kjerulf & Partners' experienced business psychologists, who have a solid background in business psychology - the theoretical, as well as the practical. You will have the opportunity to draw on their practical experience of working with many types of managers and companies on a daily basis.

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